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Nautilo Bed-and-Breakfast


Property Description

Nautilo Bed-and Breakfast at Reef View Pavilions, Grenada 

is a wonderful 3 Bedroom/3 Bathroom Poolside Bed-and-Breakfast located at the
Grenada Villa Resort Reef View Pavilions in Lance aux Epines, St. George's. Rented
separately, each bedroom sleeps to 2 guests in comfort.  Rooms can be
combined to sleep up to 7 guests. A sleepy neighborhood beach is just
footsteps away. The most popular beaches and restaurants are within 5 minutes’
drive. The airport is under 10 minutes. A tasty Continental Breakfast is served
daily or upon request.

The Foxtail Palm Room: Standard
Double Room, 1 Full Bed, 1 Twin Daybed, Private Bathroom (Shower), Poolside
(Shared Living/Kitchen/Dining Area), Sleeps 3.

The Coconut Palm Room: Standard
Double Room, 1 King Bed, Private Bathroom (Shower), (Shared
Living/Kitchen/Dining Area), Sleeps 2

The Mexican Palm Room: Standard
Double Room, 1 King Bed, Private Bathroom, Poolside (Shared
Living/Kitchen/Dining Area), Sleeps 2.

Outdoors and Setting 

Nautilo is positioned directly in front of
the glistening lagoon style pool with magnificent Fox Tail and African Oil palm
trees rising up from inside the pool, the condo’s many windows keep guests
connected and alive with the vibrant yet tranquil surrounds. The sights,
sounds, and feelings from flowing water surround the apartment – with the
rooftop pool, the adjacent swimming pool, and the nearby neighborhood beach.
Generous outdoor living areas from which to stage your daily vacation
activities are provided.

Shaded by a variety of palms, the Nautilo
courtyard is the spot to be. This main courtyard is a wonderful space to gather
for a barbeque, drinks, and conversation. The courtyard offers a large
free-form lagoon style pool. It’s definitely not your usual backyard pool
scene. Its organic shapes, colors, and materials will take you to another frame
of mind…Caribbean-style living. Fully grown palm trees rise from rounded
islands within and on the smooth undulating edges of the pool.  The
multiple shallow areas are great for even the smallest kids to wade and play or
for adults to sip a drink, float or walk around in the water. The deeper part
is great for swimming and splashing. On the shore of the lagoon pool, concrete
surface interspersed with various hues of tiny river stones create an outdoor
carpet underneath your bare feet to keep you in touch and anchored to our
lovely natural setting.

On the rooftop, our raised perch allows you
to take in the spectacular views of shimmering bays and Grenada’s lush,
tropical landscape.   A beautiful, Spanish-style ramada covered with
cool clay roof tiles is open sided yet provides shade and protection from the
elements. Underneath the shade structure is a huge outdoor dining table in a
Fleur de Lis shape, full size mahogany day bed, built in adobe style seating
areas, and a barbeque area with sink and countertop space make this area a
perfect spot to spend a vacation day, every day!  In front of the ramada
is a 50 foot long pool with built in seating – great for keeping cool under the
sunny Caribbean sky with your favorite drink in hand. This rooftop pool is
about 3 feet deep so the entire family can enjoy safely.  An uncovered
lounge area with sun chairs and built in daybeds is the spot to work on your
tan. Two outdoor showers and toilet complete the rooftop lounge. From this
setting, the turquoise waters of the bay with its coral reef outcroppings,
sleepy yachts, and faint beach sounds frame an array of sensory stimulants such
as cool orange-brown clay roof and floor tiles, colorful Talavera tile accents,
vibrant paints, tinted glass inserts along the view-side rails, variegated
palm-like pandanus, purple and red bougainvillea, and swaying palm fronds on
the fringes.  These delights will keep you in the mood for fun, relaxation
and vacation-style living. 

Amenities include: 


     · 3 comfortable bedrooms

     · 3 ensuite bathrooms (showers) with
hot/cold water

     · 2 king sized beds, 1 queen sized bed with
high quality mattresses

     · Built-in closets, tables, shelves, seats,
and desks

     · Storage for suitcases

     · Air conditioned

     · Screened windows that let the Caribbean
light, breezes, and views in

     · Built-in night stands

     Living Room

· Open living area to kitchen and dining

     · Built-in oversized couch/daybed with
comfy cushions and pillows

     · TV (Roku)

     · Air conditioned

     · Wooden/glass windows for light, breezes,
and views

     Dining Room

     · Open dining area to kitchen and living

     · Built-in round dining table with local
hardwood chairs

     · Located close to multiple windows for
light, breezes, and views

· Air conditioned

Property Details

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